PPC/R, PE PIPE extrusion molding machine of DAECHANG came into the strong shear torque with single type of precision structure and made a dream of low-noise, it gives full operate without influence of working environment in all kinds of resins

Item Unit DCP-PEX-70 ECP-PEX-90 DCP-PEX-120
Screw Diameter mm 70 90 120
Extrusion Capacity Kg/hr 100 140(180) 220(280)
Effective Screw Length L/D 29 29 29
PPM Screw RPM(MAX.) R.P.M 90rpm 90rpm 90rpm
Driving Motor Kw DC 55Kw DC 75Kw DC 110Kw
Driving System   V-Belt Pully & Reducer
Resin Pressure   50~300
Temperature C-Zone Zone 10 Zones 10 Zones 10 Zones
Heating Capacity Kw 19Kw 24Kw 36Kw(APP.)
Hopper Capacity Liter 130L 150L 250L
Screw Center Height mm 1100 1100 1150
Overall Length mm 30,000 32,700 34,800
Overall Weight Ton 8 11 15
Overall Height mm 2500 2650 2830